Transforming Cultures and Organizations: Is your culture making or breaking your company?

Culture can make or break a company

Culture can hold an organization back when weighed down by internal politics, silos and fear of failure. Or it can accelerate a business – through collaboration, experimentation, a mindset that finds new opportunities in challenges, before competition. Companies with strong and aligned cultures outperform others on the stock market by up to 15 times.

There is another way

We bring deep expertise in People & Culture, focusing on the sweet spot where your business transformation is accelerated, reinforced and sustained through your people’s transformation.

Successful transformations are integrated ones. Is your business transformation enabled by human transformation?

The Challenge
- and Opportunity

Most transformations fade or fail as they’re predominantly focused on just the what: process, strategy and structure. BreathingBusiness brings expertise to the often overseen how of transformation: the People & Culture elements that enable the what of your transformations to flow. Instead of an isolated or fragmented approach where the Business and Human Transformation are done separately, we integrate the two to create a mutually reinforcing cycle where your People & Culture make and accelerate your transformation or business.

Transformations that create and sustain impact integrate and balance the what with the why and the how. These dimensions need to be addressed and transformed together as one system.

When we build and strengthen the how and why of the transformation – working closely with and enabling the what of the transformation – we measurably make the transformation and other business priorities flow, flourish, and function.

We need to also address the invisible elements that can hold your organization back – tackling causes of fear, resistance, assumptions, limiting beliefs and defensiveness.

Without working beneath the surface line, lasting behavioral change and sustained impact – effecting everything from the customer experiences delivered to collaborative innovation and problem solving – is hard, if not impossible to achieve.

A differentiating culture doesn’t happen by chance.
Do you Assess, Build and Sustain your desired culture?

BreathingBusiness partners with you to design and deliver an integrated transformation that achieves both short- and long-term performance and impact and mobilizes your organization’s full Transformational Capacity.

There is another way

Transformations that build and sustain impact are those that integrate and balance the what with the why and the how. The ones that address what’s below the surface; the root causes of what may hold back your people and organization.

Our Assess-Build-Sustain approach starts by making the invisible seen and measurable, enabling us to co-design and deliver a roadmap to build the culture needed to mobilize the Transformational Capacity of the whole organization.

Assess - Build - Sustain
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What creates waste and value in your culture?

Through our Culture Assessment, the invisible waste and value in your organization is made visible and measurable. By listening to your organization and stakeholders in a new way, you’ll learn what gaps exist that are holding your organization back.

What values and behaviors are needed now – and for the future?

Together with you and your people, we define the values and behaviors that will close the gap and form the desired culture. We turn the current waste into value, shifting and building the collective organization's Transformational Capacity by building that of its individuals’.

How will you and your people walk the talk?

Transformation is sustained when both individuals and the collective organization work at the change concretely and consistently. We introduce daily practices and help evolve your core people processes, integrating both into daily workflows to exercise the new behaviors and mindsets in a way that fits your organization’s reality and creates continuous, measurable progress.

Case study
When human transformation enables business recovery


An industrial giant found itself in trouble. The company was severely underperforming and was plagued by the corporate and common diseases of bureaucracy and silo-mentality.

The companies had grown through numerous mergers and acquisitions – and had not invested enough time and effort in aligning and bonding the new entities.

Sub-optimization was in particular a big challenge – and became abundantly clear as quarter after quarter the company was not meeting financial goals and yet many leaders expressed “well, my team and I are performing – so it’s not my issue.” People had become complacent and showed little drive and ambition on behalf of the business as a whole.


It was clear to the CEO that to turn this situation around, first and foremost something needed to be done to encourage more collaboration. Recognizing that the what, how and why of transformation should go hand-in-hand, he introduced a collaborative profit and loss structure for teams that needed to collaborate to serve the company’s customers.

Instead of looking at business development, operations, sales, marketing, production units as separate parts, and assessing their performance in isolation, a team’s performance was assessed in the view of their contribution to the full value chain. This meant that each unit would have a stake in the game for an end-to-end delivery, reflecting the real dependencies between units.

In this new way, many teams realized that even though they delivered to the same customers, they had never before been in a room together. The learned to value the healthy tension and have the needed courageous conversations needed for building a collaborative culture – creating value for the totality and their customers.

The key mindset shift from silos to collaboration, and from own results to serving the totality was ignited by also a shift in operating model – business transformation and human transformation reinforcing each other.

What are you looking for?

Culture Transformation

What culture do you want and need – now and in the future?

Together with your people and your stakeholders and anchored in our Assess-Build-Sustain approach; we facilitate an end to end process for defining and realizing your desired culture. One that reflects the aspirations of your people and other stakeholders for your business.

Culture Assessment

What is the level of waste of human capacity in your organization?

Our Culture Assessment helps you see where your culture is creating value for your business and stakeholders, and where your culture is creating waste and have non-value-adding dimensions holding you and your business back.

Build Transformational Capacity

How will your organization stay resilient, relevant, and resourceful for the unknown future?

Transformational Capacity is the potential you have, to turn wasteful behaviors into value creating actions. It is what enables you to catch up and get ahead of the competition. As your people build their capacity, so does your organization.

Team Effectiveness Journey

Want to take your teams to the next level, together?

Your organization is built up of teams. And your ability to stay ahead of the game hinges on your teams’ ability to solve complex challenges. Catalyzing team effectiveness through team journeys to shift individual and collective mindsets can become your competitive edge.

Transformational Coaching

Your inner game defines your outer game. What game do you want to play?

Capacity Building can be accelerated by working deep on an individual level. Transformational Coaching will help you unlock your specific blockers and release your capacity to be ready for whatever comes.

Practice and Process Advisory

Do your practices and processes help or hinder your desired culture?

Culture is more than a poster on the wall. You, your people, customers and stakeholders, feel your culture at every touchpoint. It’s about being clear on what’s celebrated, and what isn’t tolerated in the desired culture – and sustaining this through core processes and practices.

We help you design your core people processes and practices enabling your desired culture.

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