Accelerate Personal Transformation: Are you ready for whatever comes?

Our businesses will transform and perform – when we do

In our unknown future, it’s uncertain what skills or subjects will be needed for us to stay relevant and competitive. We are facing increasingly complex challenges that require us to listen, learn, and act in a new way. Many of us are struggling with keeping up with the pace of the world.  Are you?  

There is another way

We help you build your transformational capacity – exploring meaning and expanding your mindset for you to become resourceful, relevant and resilient. Your greatest asset will be your capacity to find the opportunities in the challenges – creating value for your company, customers, and stakeholders. Our businesses will transform and perform – only if and when all of us do.

The Challenge
- and Opportunity

We’ve been raised to focus on and celebrate the mastery of skills and subjects, in a paradigm where IQ dominates as an indicator of potential and success.

But as the world and societies around us transform at exponential speed, we become increasingly uncertain as to what will be needed of us to stay relevant in the future. It’s estimated 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 have not even been invented yet.

The thing that will keep us resilient, resourceful and relevant in the future will be our mindset. Expanding our mindset being open towards the unknown, our challenges, and how we learn.

  • Staying resilient in the unknown requires us to find something stable as things around us change. For many of us, this happens when we connect to our passion and purpose.
  • Being resourceful when faced with challenges comes from being able to take control of your own response and perspective towards any situation you might face. And through that, see opportunities clearly even where they are hard to notice.
  • Staying relevant requires us to learn how to learn. And in that process, having the ability to un-learn things that used to work but may no longer serve us, and to re-learn for what works now.

You may be used to creating great customer experiences by meeting them face-to-face. Now you’re learning to deliver equally great and differentiating experiences digitally, building trust and connection through a screen. Perhaps you resisted at first, thinking it impossible to do your job as well in this format. But by recognizing this is a belief you hold and have created – you’re able to choose to challenge it – and instead master the benefits of this format – enjoying this calm and focused way of meeting your customers.

The impact of our personal beliefs, thoughts, feelings and needs on our professional and personal lives is significant regardless of our role – whether on the shop or top floor.

A lasting change in your behaviors can start when you become aware of what makes you behave in that way – when you explore the needs and beliefs that shape your current mindset. By addressing the root of what drives your behaviors, you can work on shifting your beliefs and adhere to your needs. These changes are more likely to last because you rewire your own inner operating model.

In doing so, the behaviors you, and those around you, will change accordingly. By making this deeper shift, you’ll manifest greater impact in your life and your business.

Do you have the capacity to be resilient, resourceful, and relevant for the future?

Rather learning subjects or skills that may soon become obsolete, your personal transformation journey is about exploring meaning and building an expansive and adaptive mindset that can be applied in any context.

There is another way...

Instead of predicting what skills will be relevant in one, five or ten years’ time, you accelerate your personal transformation by studying yourself and unlocking the blockers holding you back. You build your Transformational Capacity through our Assess-Build-Sustain approach: a guided journey that’s both practical and profound.

Your personal transformation is simple, but it’s not easy. The deeper you’re willing to go, the higher the bar you raise for yourself, and how you perform and transform in your organization and for your organization.

Assess - Build - Sustain
Click to explore: 1. Assess, 2. Build, and 3. Sustain

Seeing the invisible, turning waste into value

Through self assessment - you gain insights and -awareness as to where you are currently creating value in your life and organization, and where you are wasting capacity.

The inner game defines the outer game

You Build your Transformational Capacity by going below the surface to really understand and work with the beliefs and needs that you have – that hold you back and should be let go, as well as those that have the potential to boost you further if fertilized.

Sustain: Everyone and every day matters

Sustaining the change is done when you engage in the daily practices and continuously refresh the work on your transformation. Your brain is lazy – preferring known ways of doing things, - but it is also flexible. When you do something repeatedly, it builds new pathways that become habits. You can make yours healthy, value-creating ones that keep you ahead in the game.

What are you looking for?

Individual Assessment

What are your gaps, and do you know how to close them?

Through the assessment, you’ll gain self-awareness into the gaps in your Transformational Capacity. These gaps represent the areas holding you back and where you have the most potential to grow.

Transformational Capacity Program

Want to build the capacity to be resilient, resourceful, and relevant?

It’s not about the size of the gap, but how well you close it. The Program helps you close the gaps in your Transformational Capacity – building a mindset that makes you ready for any future.

Transformational Coaching

Your inner game defines your outer game. What game are you playing?

You accelerate your business transformation if, and only if, you accelerate your personal transformation. Transformational Coaching works with you at an accelerated pace, going beyond your behaviors and looking at the root causes, in a way tailored to your specific needs.

Practice and Process Advisory

Are you willing to work it to make it work?

Many people want to grow and transform, but few succeed. That’s because you only get as much out of your personal transformation as you put in. We equip you with daily practices and tools to keep the learning fresh – but it’s up to you to commit them to your life, and leverage them to solve the challenges that hold you back.

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