Build Resilient Leaders: Are your leaders ready to bring your business into the future?

Transformational leaders serve the whole

For years, companies have invested billions into leadership development – yet few see sustained impact. Traditional leadership training is no longer sufficient. These times require a move to Transformational Leadership. What learning are you investing in?

There is another way

We help you build Transformational Leaders that are resilient – able to tune into the business’ needs by listening deeply and balancing the needs of many stakeholders. They’re less focused on serving themselves, instead thriving by serving the whole and leading the business to both perform and transform.

The Challenge
- and Opportunity

Many of our management processes and principles were developed during the previous industrial revolutions. They focused on standardization, cost and control; on multi-year business planning, where specialists were promoted to managers due to technical expertise. This made sense when the challenges were predominately technical, and less complex. But the game has changed.

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the pace is set by technology’s exponential development. Globalization, regulations, generational shifts and corporate citizenship all add to the picture. Today’s adaptive challenges – complex with no known solutions – are systemic, and ever-changing. They require a different way of listening, learning, and acting.

A new era of leadership is called for – one that listens deeply to the type of business challenge needing to be solved, is aware of the best suited mindset, and can swiftly adapt to act accordingly.

Resilient leaders successfully navigate changing times by always adopting a mindset that adapts to what is needed now. Our new era of leadership calls for leaders that:

  • Understand success now and in the future requires businesses to both perform and transform. That future performance requires transformation, and long-term transformation requires a business to be performing
  • Can assess whether the challenges they face can be solved in ways they’ve tried before – adopting the mindset of Optimizer or Stabilizer – or requires another way – calling for a Challenger or Shaper mindset
  • Are open to letting go of attachment to own knowledge, experience and leadership style they are most comfortable with, and adopt to a mindset and behaviors most suited for the situation or challenge

Businesses that succeed are the ones constantly tuning into what the industry, market, customers, and people want – and adapt to serve that need. Resilient leaders manage their own mindset, adapting in each moment to tune into those needs. The Transformational Capacity to do so is what set them apart.

Some of us already practice that Transformational Leadership and will build on it, and some of us will start from scratch.

For business to reinvent themselves - leadership needs to go first.

For your business to progress, your leaders have to progress. You need leaders that accelerate your organization’s ability to solve challenges, and can adapt to the new ways of listening, learning, and acting that are required.

There is another way...

Our Assess-Build-Sustain approach guides how we equip your leaders to listen, learn, and act in a new and adaptable way – serving your business and people. Staying resilient as the context of the world, industry and market changes.

Assess - Build - Sustain
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Seeing the invisible, turning waste into value

You and your leaders listen to your stakeholders in a new way. Your organization defines new and clear standards for leadership in the form of Leadership Principles. Leaders are assessed against these principles, providing insight into the strengths and gaps existing in your organization.

The inner game defines the outer game

We Build your leaders’ Transformational Capacity in our Transformational Leadership Capacity Program: scalable, cost-effective, and offered in a variety of formats to suit theirs and your schedule and learning preferences. The program helps enhance self-awareness in your leaders and close the gaps detected – enabling them to listen, learn, and act in differentiating ways.

Sustain: Everyone and every day matters

You and your leaders can continue your Build journey with Transformational Coaching – helping Sustain the impact and avoiding the risk of returning to old, familiar behaviors. Further Sustain the change by implementing new practices, and working with refreshed processes in your organization. This ensures your leaders are supported as they step into the new era of leadership, and that they’re held accountable to the new expectations at every step of their life cycle as leaders.

What are you looking for?

Leadership Principles

Do you and your leaders have clarity on what great leadership looks like?

Together with you and your organization, we define the standards for the leadership your people and stakeholders want, and your business needs – to be able to solve your challenges faster.

Leadership Assessment

What are your gaps, and do you know how to close them?

Through our assessment, you and your leaders will gain awareness into strengths and gaps compared to what is needed.  The assessment forms the foundation for defining your path to growth.

Transformational Leadership Capacity Program

Want to build the capacity for the new era of leadership?

It’s not about the size of the gap, but your ability to close it. The Program builds you and your leaders’ to become adaptive and resilient, closing the gaps in your Transformational Leadership Capacity and becoming the leaders that your business needs.

Transformational Leadership Coaching

Your inner game defines your outer game. What game are you playing?

As leader you can accelerate a business transformation if, and only if, you accelerate your personal transformation. Transformational Coaching helps you accelerate this journey in a way tailored to your specific needs.

Leadership Practice and Process Advisory

Do your organization’s practices and processes reinforce the direction you have set for leadership?

We help you implement daily practices for your leaders and evolve your core leadership processes so that they help and not hinder leaders living the desired leadership behaviors. This enables and encourages you and your leaders to practice and leverage your Transformational Leadership Capacity consistently, in both moments of challenges and of opportunity.

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