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BreathingBusiness: More than just a name

Do you know what happens in our bodies when we breathe? Everything inside us works together, fully in sync. From lungs inhaling air to the heart breathing oxygen rich blood through our vessels – all the way into the finest capillaries that deliver oxygen to cells and tissues. If these parts are not in sync, not working together towards a common goal, the machine stalls. Businesses are the same: they are living, breathing organism, made up of its people.

Your organization is defined by every person in it. Your impact as a whole reflects the collective meaning, mindset and manifestation. The life of your organization is sustained, enriched and transformed by mobilizing everyone in your organization to contribute, grow and enjoy. That’s why any business transformation requires a human transformation.

We breathe business, helping organizations come alive embracing that there is another way to transform. How strong is your organization breathing?

Our Purpose

Beyond the bottom line, why does your company exist?

When our passion aligns with purpose, we have the potential to unlock up to 300% more capacity to create impact.

So to find our purpose, we had to first tap into our passion at BreathingBusiness: helping organizations find another way to transform. A way to enable business transformations through the transformation of its people. A way that replaces a mindset of fear with one of love, turning invisible waste into seen value.

BreathingBusiness doesn’t just exist to help businesses survive. That’s why our purpose is:

Our values

We Dare

  • To disrupt and go beyond ours and your comfort zone.
  • To speak the truth, even when it isn’t easy or convenient.
  • To experiment and find new ways of learning together.

We Care

  • About life, both of people and businesses.
  • About everyone, meeting people where they are.
  • About sustained impact and creating value in every interaction, big and small.

We Share

  • In a joint desire to transform for a greater good.
  • By inviting everyone to co-create and tapping into the collective wisdom.
  • By creating a fair exchange – with clients, colleagues and communities.

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Founder and CEO

Mai Lynn Voldum

Digital and Communications

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