Ignite your Organizational Purpose: Will there ever be a better time to reset?

A powerful purpose releases up to 300% more capacity

Businesses are interconnected with and interdependent on all their stakeholders. The true purpose of an organization is a unifier in- and -outside the organization, reflecting the aspirations of its people and stakeholders. Does your organization’s reason to exist inspire and connect all your stakeholders?

There is another way

BreathingBusiness helps you reset, create, or ignite your purpose – leveraging this moment to set a new standard. A powerful purpose guides, aligns, inspires, ignites, and connects the organization with the world around it – releasing up to 300% more capacity, adding value for all.

The Challenge
- and Opportunity

  • 87% of customers say they will purchase from companies that support what they care about
  • 94% of millennials say they want their skills to benefit a cause
  • Over 10 years and through the coronavirus, ESG funds outperformed non-ESG funds, creating more value for shareholders 


Societal pressures and customers ‘voting with their wallets’ means companies need to step-up and show citizenship. This requires revisiting the core of their identity, why they exist, and the impact they want to create and leave behind.

A profitable quarter is no longer the key to lasting success. The organizations that remain resilient when facing change, turbulence and uncertainty are those with a clear purpose that balances the interests of multiple stakeholders – from profit to people and planet – to find a shared organizational purpose.

A clear and meaningful purpose creates lasting value for your organization as:

  • A promise for how your organization will have a greater impact, aligning with what matters to your stakeholders
  • A guiding star and stabilizer – also and especially in times of uncertainty and crisis
  • An anchor that keeps people mobilized, synced and pulling them in a shared direction

Ready to team up to ignite your purpose?

A true purpose is more than a marketing or reputational tactic. More than a press release and poster on the wall without the intended, cultural impact. There is no shortcut to a true purpose.

There is another way:

The impact of a new purpose can start in the first moments of its creation! The process is as important as the outcome. With our Assess-Build-Sustain approach, you involve and engage your stakeholders to find and ignite your purpose. A purpose is sustained when people can see and feel themselves in it – when it resonates with their experiences and what they care about.

Multiple needs and voices are represented in a Purpose.

Is yours a daily guidepost for creating sustainable impact?
Assess - Build - Sustain
Click to explore: 1. Assess, 2. Build, and 3. Sustain

What do stakeholders want from you?

You and your team listen carefully to stakeholders to understand how to balance their needs in a powerful and synergized way.

Who are you and where do you aim to go as an organization?

We help you facilitate a process that brings you and others into the co-creation or revitalization of the purpose. Where multiple perspectives are included to create a purpose reflecting the heart of the organization.

How will you bring your purpose to life daily through your collective actions?

Sustaining, by living and breathing your purpose every day, is the most difficult part. We help build your signature practices that keep your purpose activated, and sustaining its impact through the whole of the organization.

Case study
With a burning desire to reinvent banking – a new purpose ignited the business


Despite emerging from the 2008 global financial crisis relatively strong, it was clear to the new leadership that the large Nordic financial institution yearned for a renewed identity: One that went beyond playing it safe, and aligned with a desire to make bold choices to get ahead of the game in a competitive and disrupting industry.

Faced with a 1) struggling reputation, 2) its people growing tired, and even ashamed, when having to defend their choice of employer, 3) and a deep-rooted Nordic mentality of corporate citizenship – a decision was made to co-create a new purpose and values for the organization.


Together with over 7,000 of the organization’s people and its customers – a new purpose and values were defined to reflect the dreams and vision that the people shared for the organization. Over 95% of the organization engaged in cross-organizational dialogue about the new purpose, and what it would mean for them and their work – bringing this purpose to life in the business going forward.

Employees involved in co-creation
Employees activated in dialogue

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