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Any business transformation requires a human transformation

The vast majority of transformations fail or fade because we have predominately focused on changing the more visible parts of the business strategies, systems and processes. The human dimensions are often underestimated or overseen.

There is another way...

The intersection of Business and Human Transformation presents enormous potential and value creation for both businesses and their people – if, and only if – they are seen as integral dimensions, strengthening and building on each other.

Human Transformation is our deep expertise. Our ability to work at the intersection of Human and Business Transformation is how we together with you co-create and implement solutions that have both an immediate and a lasting impact.

How can we help you?

Ignite Organizational Purpose

Resetting, creating or igniting a uniting force that reflects all your stakeholders.

Does your purpose guide and inspire you and your organization?

Transform Cultures & Organizations

Ensuring your culture feeds your strategy instead of eating it for breakfast.

Do you have a clear roadmap for your transformation that creates high impact?

Accelerate Personal Transformation

Making you resourceful, relevant and resilient for whatever comes.

Are you up for it?

Build Resilient Leaders

Equipping leaders to balance all stakeholder needs and serve the whole.

Are you ready to set a new standard for leadership?

Catalyze Effective Teams

Creating high-impact teams ready to solve complex challenges.

Do you have teams that will get you ahead of the game?

Transformational Capacity Program

Today’s new complex challenges cannot be solved with our old ways of doing things, and yet many of us keep trying with limited results.

Instead, you can build Transformational Capacity – the ability to listen, learn, and act in a new way. For you to see the opportunities in your challenges. Acting on them before competition.

Our Transformational Capacity Program preaches very little and practices a lot. It has your business challenges right in the center. Delivered in a scalable, cost-effective, and consistent way – fit to your needs, schedule, and learning preferences.

Assess - Build - Sustain

One organization. One approach.

Transformations tend to fade or fail in delivering impact because of lack of a clear approach consistently applied across the whole organization and across time.

In BreathingBusiness we consistently follow our tried and tested approach in what we design and deliver.

Click to explore: 1. Assess, 2. Build, and 3. Sustain

Seeing the invisible, turning waste into value

Up to 30% of human capacity is wasted in an organization – yet not visible to the eye. By measuring and making tangible the waste in human capacity, such as wasted time, energy, and effort, we can systematically address it - turning waste into value.

The inner game defines the outer game

It is not our skills but often our mindset that stands in the way of solving our complex challenges. When we increase our capacity to transform - we become resourceful, relevant and resilient in the face of any challenge and change.

Everyone and every day matter

As individuals and organizations, we often start a change process with intensity and excitement. Yet we often run out of steam returning to old behaviors and ways of doing things. Through practical and profound daily practices, we ensure new behaviors and habits stick across the whole organization.

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