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Sometimes the only move that is needed is one of mindset


When we first met this participant, she told us that she had been working in her organization for 15 years and was feeling like she was running out of steam. “Sure, I get to use my brain here a lot,” she acknowledged, “but frankly I’m not sure it’s worth it. Neither for me nor the company. Maybe it’d be different somewhere else…”

She went on to explain that whilst she was still delivering at a level that would be considered standard for most, she knew she had the potential to do so much more – she just simply wasn’t feeling inspired. So instead of welcoming new ideas and reach out to collaborate with others to find new ways and new opportunities, she ended up objecting and resisting new ideas and new partnerships because she did not see what the point of investing that effort was. She often heard herself saying: ‘Why should I?’, ‘Why bother?’ ‘Someone else will take it on.’

It got to the point where she began to question herself – whether or not she really did have the potential to do more, or maybe she had just lost her capacity for good.


We met a very different version of this woman a few months after she completed the Program. “This has given me fuel for at least 10 more years!” she claimed. She explained that beyond the tools and practices that she learned on the Program, the fact that the company had invested in her and her colleagues in itself renewed her inspiration.

Seeing that the company was committed to really do the work to transform helped her believe again – that she was a part of an organization that held itself to high ambitions and an aspiration to lead in the industry. And through that, she connected to the fact that she too had the same ambitions for herself and the desire to keep doing much more.

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“I realized it was not the company that needed change for me to thrive, it was my mindset that needed to shift.”

– Strategic Leader in the organization

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Transformational Capacity is how you stay resourceful, relevant and resilient when facing change. It puts your transformation at the centre of your business transformation. 

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