Catalyze Effective Teams: Are you teams delivering high value that serves the whole?

Effective teams are the backbone of an organization.

Yet companies are full of executive and leadership teams that are not running the company. Teams developing products and services not reflecting customers known and unknown needs. Commercial teams not bringing products and services to customers in an ideal way. Operational teams not keeping deliverables running smoothly. And supporting teams not enabling this value chain.

Just as a business doesn’t transform unless you do, your business doesn’t deliver the most value for your customers and stakeholders unless your teams are high value-creating, high-performing, delivering with precision to the next team in the value chain.

There is another way

BreathingBusiness helps you catalyze effective teams ready to solve complex challenges – serving the whole -through well-tested and proven team effectiveness journeys.

The Challenge
- and Opportunity

The value of a high-performing team has long been recognized.

  • 90% of investors think the quality of the management team is the single most important non-financial factor when evaluating a company
  • 9 times increased likelihood of above-median financial performance, when the top team is working together towards a common vision

A team is a small group of people with complementary skills who are committed in a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. 

Our new and complex challenges can only be solved together. What distinguishes highly effective teams from just a group of people is that:

  • Is more than the sum of its parts:
    • Diverse and complementary in skills, experience, background, capacity, and approach
    • United in values and purpose – belonging, supporting, and growing and renewing together
    • Delivering synergistically – challenging each other to constantly raise the bar – holding each other accountable
  • Serves the totality – delivering in the value chain:
    • Predictably performing their role in the value chain being the best partners for other teams being dependent on them
    • Equally transparent on challenges and opportunities, resolving impediments within the team and chain rapidly
    • Optimizing both the team and the totality – delivering reliable performance with a clear focus on the greater organizational agenda.
  • Solves complex challenges ahead of competition:
    • Listen to understand the whole – and balance the needs of multiple stakeholders
    • Solving complex by leveraging multiple approaches, capacities, and perspectives to find another way to get ahead faster
    • Constantly learning together also from mistakes – building on the past whilst challenging how things can be done differently

Accelerating the value of ‘We’ by also working on ‘Me’

Highly effective teams dedicated to serving the whole is the holy grail for any organization. But few have cracked the code. Can you make it your next competitive edge?

There is another way...

Through our Assess-Build-Sustain approach, we help enable your teams in accelerating their ability to solve complex challenges, while always serving the whole.

Assess - Build - Sustain
Click to explore: 1. Assess, 2. Build, and 3. Sustain

Seeing the invisible, turning waste into value

Teams Assess themselves as a team, and each team member as part of the team, as well as listen to stakeholders to gain understanding into how they create value or waste in their interactions and deliveries.

The inner game defines the outer game

That understanding guides the Capacity that we Build in the Team Effectiveness Journey. The Journey is tailored to deliver the most impact based on what is identified as most needed for the team to progress and excel at transforming concrete business challenges into opportunities together by leveraging each other’s (transformational) capacities.

Sustain: Everyone and every day matters

Dependent on the need, a team can accelerate the journey when the leader, some, or all members of the team supplement the team sessions with individual Transformational Coaching sessions working on personal dynamics not directly linked to the team.

What are you looking for?

Team Assessment

Where and how are your teams creating waste and value every day?

The Team Assessment enables you to listen to your stakeholders and each other in a new way – identifying how you can take your value creation to the next level, by looking at the totality.

Team Effectiveness Journey

Want to take your teams to the next level, together?

Catalyzing effective teams is more than everyone building their individual Capacity. It views the team as a system with connections that can be strengthened and grown. The Team Effectiveness Journey helps individuals contribute, grow, and enjoy more together – while impacting the organization as a whole.

Transformational Coaching

How much value will your teams unlock, when members also work on themselves?

The transformation of a team can be accelerated when individual members also work on their personal blockers holding them back, and therefore also the team back.

Practice and Process Advisory

Does the framework you provide your teams support their value creation?

Discipline in implementing what’s been agreed as a team often prevents benefits from being realized. To sustain the change and see continued impact, teams leverage daily practices and refresh their processes to resonate the ambition level set by and for the team.

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