Known to ask: “What’s the question behind your question?”

I guess you can say I’m the resident nerd at BreathingBusiness. I make sure we’re on top of latest business, tech and societal topics, by studying trends, research and inspiring peers. This helps to provide fresh, valuable and timely consultancy to clients – as well as helps me play devil’s advocate, asking the challenging questions that ensure we’ve thought things through from multiple perspectives.

Mai Lynn Voldum, Digital and Communications

I challenge the people I meet with curiosity and compassion. I’m fiercely passionate about understanding human and organizational behavior – and how that knowledge can be used to make transformations a more ‘effortless ease’ experience.

For a long time, I followed the traditional life path expected of me – excelling in school, sensible degree, IT job, etc. But I was pulled into the field of people, where I discovered success didn’t have to be mutually exclusive from exploring my passion and curiosity about human beings and organizational culture and behavior. Since then, I’ve been a firm believer that a job isn’t just being a duty, but also a way to find joy in life.

Growing up as a ‘Third Culture Kid’ with no firm national identity, combined with collecting degrees in fields ranging from marketing and sales, to IT, innovation and management, means I truly believe in the value of diversity and how it expands our perspective. That the greatest solutions are those co-created by many. Just as no one label can describe a whole person, no standard solution exists for any organization.

You may feel I ask a lot of questions. It’s because it helps me understand your status quo and ability to meet you where you are. But it also helps me constructively challenge you and your company to think beyond what feels comfortable and explore new pathways.

I believe we all already hold the answers, and sometimes we just need a friend to help us along by asking the right questions.

What’s your (professional) background?

Spent 5.5 years at Nordea Bank, four of which were in culture and transformation roles.

I’ve worked to understand people for much longer though, including four years working part-time in the  hospitality sector.

What’s your business superpower?

I can connect dots to see the patterns and connections others often don’t.

What’s your secret passion?

I love to cook! It’s calming and my moment to get out of my head and connect with my body, as well as memories of people and places.

I’m also an advocate for mental health, and particularly fascinated by neuroscience and understanding the brain-body connection.

How can we connect?