Case study: Ignite your organizational purpose


With a burning desire to reinvent banking – a new purpose was created


Despite emerging from the 2008 global financial crisis relatively strong, it was clear to the new leadership team that the large Nordic financial institution yearned for a renewed identity: One that went beyond playing it safe, and aligned with a desire to make bold choices to get ahead of the game in a competitive and disrupted industry.

Faced with a 1) struggling reputation, 2) its people growing tired, and even ashamed, when having to defend their choice of employer, 3) and a deep-rooted Nordic mentality of corporate citizenship – a decision was made to co-create a new purpose and values for the organization.


Together with its people and customers – a new purpose and values were defined to reflect the dreams and vision that the people shared for the organization. Over 95% of the organization engaged in cross-organizational dialogue about the new purpose, and what it would mean for them and their work – bringing this purpose to life in the business going forward.

The purpose also proved a strong guide and lens for difficult decisions. It aligned, inspired, and guided people in the organization to also create progress in solving challenges that were previously unresolved.


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“I had never imagined how much energy a purpose unlocks in a company. It was clear that our people really wanted to contribute to a greater good beyond our own company. It inspired me too. And when things got challenging, I often turned to our purpose to help me find a way forward. With our purpose, we had everything we needed.”

– Casper von Koskull, Former CEO, Executive Leader, Board Professional

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