Are you setting your transformation up for success or failure?

The future is uncertain. Your ability to be ready for whatever it holds doesn’t have to be.

BreathingBusiness works at the intersection of business and human transformation to Assess, Build and Sustain your organization’s capacity to thrive through any transformational change.

Most transformations fail as they’re predominantly focused on just the what: process, strategy and structure. BreathingBusiness focuses on the often overseen – the how and why of transformation: people, culture and purpose – that accelerate and enable the what to flourish.

In our era of unpredictable disruption and change, organizations need to stay ahead of the competition. This requires a renewed, expansive mindset that actively, curiously, confidently and continuously seeks to turn challenges into opportunities. A mindset built through the Ten Steps of Transformation.

Mobilizing at least 25% of an organization is required to create lasting change. Leadership can’t sustain transformation alone. What’s needed is a scalable, cost-effective and consistent roadmap that engage the whole organization in a way that enables them to perform today, while transforming for tomorrow

What do you need?

Ignite Organizational Purpose

Resetting, creating or igniting a uniting force that reflects all your stakeholders.

Transform Cultures & Organizations

Ensuring your culture feeds your strategy instead of eating it for breakfast.

Accelerate Personal Transformation

Making you resourceful, relevant and resilient for whatever comes.

Build Resilient Leaders

Equipping leaders to balance all stakeholder needs and serve the whole.

Catalyze Effective Teams

Creating high-impact teams ready to solve complex challenges.

Do you have a consistent approach for your transformation?

Do you have an integrated approach to the human dimensions of your business transformation? 

Few organizations do.

For most, there isn’t a clear line-of-sight – from assessing the starting point to building impact through to sustaining performance. But there is another way to transform. By putting equal focus on Assessing, Building and Sustaining Transformational Capacity – your people’s capacity to remain resourceful, relevant and resilient – your organization can create a virtuous spiral of expanded level of performance, health and impact.

Assess - Build - Sustain

One organization. One approach.

Transformations tend to fade or fail in delivering impact because of lack of a clear approach consistently applied across the whole organization and across time.

In BreathingBusiness we consistently follow our tried and tested approach in what we design and deliver.

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Seeing the invisible, turning waste into value

Up to 30% of human capacity is wasted in an organization – yet not visible to the eye. By measuring and making tangible the waste in human capacity, such as wasted time, energy, and effort, we can systematically address it - turning waste into value.

The inner game defines the outer game

It is not our skills but often our mindset that stands in the way of solving our complex challenges. When we increase our capacity to transform - we become resourceful, relevant and resilient in the face of any challenge and change.

Everyone and every day matter

As individuals and organizations, we often start a change process with intensity and excitement. Yet we often run out of steam returning to old behaviors and ways of doing things. Through practical and profound daily practices, we ensure new behaviors and habits stick across the whole organization.

We wrote the book on transformation

Written by our founder, Karen Tobiasen, The Heart Revolution is a profound and practical guide for business and personal transformation that provides the foundational framework of the BreathingBusiness approach.

Standing at the intersection of personal and professional life, it equips you to create immediate and sustainable impact in your life, work and society by inviting you to walk and explore the Ten Steps of Transformation through real stories and practical exercises.