The (Breathing) Business of Transformation


Have you heard about The Heart Revolution?


It’s a book that I wrote to put all my learnings from 20+ years of transformation experience into writing – so I could share and co-create with a community of transformers.

Personally, I didn’t want to just write a book. I wanted to bring to life my intent of welcoming everyone who wants to disrupt and enrich their life – through love and laughter – whether people or organizations. I wanted all of us to have a place to go and to feel at home. And that’s why I created something more.

The Heart Revolution isn’t just a book: it’s a movement, a platform, a philosophy. And it’s at the heart (pardon the pun!) of BreathingBusiness – a consultancy I founded, to help individuals and organizations to transform with heart.

As well as helping with wholescale organizational transformations, I have founded BreathingBusiness to take The Heart Revolution from the pages of the book and inject it straight into your life and that of businesses, helping both to continue building Transformational Capacity.

At the core of both The Heart Revolution and BreathingBusiness is a common belief: that every transformation needs human transformation. That the way to transform your business and society, is by transforming your life. That’s why you, as an individual, always matter. Not just in your own life, but in your organization and in our shared society.

And yet, transformations – both personal and organizational – too often stall. Not least because we often focus too much on the what and technical elements of transformation.

We’ve spent decades optimizing our processes, technologies and structures, trying to eliminate waste from every layer of these. But because it’s less visible, measurable and, frankly, less easy, we’ve not put the same focus on optimizing our inner, human operating models.

In my experience, allowing 30-40% of our capacity to go to waste.

If you’re ready to bring The Heart Revolution directly into your life and get more from it, personally and professionally, here are a few ways BreathingBusiness will soon be supporting you:

• Go Deeper: Transformational Capacity Program (TCP) (launching in fall 2020) – A transformational journey of in-person experience- and intervention-based training, equipping you to assess, build and sustain your Transformational Capacity.

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• Work It: School of Transformation self-paced learning (coming soon) – Provides you with self-learning training and practice modules equipping you to assess, build and sustain your Transformational Capacity – on the go. It enriches the experience and learning of The Heart Revolution through a highly engaging and active self-learning program, daily inspiration and reminders, and ongoing support.

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• Go Personal: Transformational Coaching – where you assess, build and sustain your Transformational Capacity in a profound way that’s customized to you, exactly matching your pace.

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If you’re an organization looking to drive whole scale transformation, feel free to get in touch directly and let us know how we can help.

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The Heart Revolution isn’t just a book: it’s a movement, a platform, a philosophy. And it’s at the heart of BreathingBusiness.

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Transformational Capacity is how you stay resourceful, relevant and resilient when facing change. It puts your transformation at the centre of your business transformation.

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