School of Transformation self-paced learning: Are you ready for a journey of continuous growth and expansion?
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The world has never moved as fast as it does today, nor will it ever move so slow again.

Industries, businesses and individuals need to learn and master new skills with agility and speed to keep up and stay relevant – requiring a mindset that’s open to un-learning and re-learning all the time: the mindset of Transformational Learning.

The School of Transformation App from BreathingBusiness helps you build and practice that mindset – in a format and pace guided by you.

Do you feel equipped and relevant, for what is needed now and in the future?

The Challenge
- and Opportunity

Today’s world holds complex challenges, requiring a new way of thinking and solving. In a world where we often don’t what’s coming next, our competitive edge lies in learning how to know what to do – even when we don’t yet know what to do. The ability to find opportunities in challenges and react in ways that creates value for the organization, as opposed to waste, is what you learn in The School of Transformation.

With our School of Transformation App, we can reach all people in your organization, including and involving everyone in the transformation – creating one voice, one approach, from top to shop floor. Mobilizing even more than the 25% of people needed to create momentum for successful transformation.

Time to get started on a learning journey fitted for you?

Traditionally, learning in organizations has required people to take half-days or full days out of their work to attend classroom training – where they’re exposed to more preaching and less practicing.

Up to 77% of people leave these sessions and never relate to what they have learned ever again. Training ends up just as a very costly networking event for an exclusive few.

There is another way...

For a company to transform, the critical mass of the organization must be Transformational Learners; those able to un-learn and re-learn. But that doesn’t happen overnight or by just the top deciding it to happen. It happens when we demonstrate that everyone and every day matters.

We all have individual preferences for how and when we learn.

  • 58% of people prefer to learn at their own pace and 49% prefer to do it at the point of need (LinkedIn)
  • Participants learn five times more material in online learning courses than in traditional face to face courses (IBM)
  • 94% of us say we would stay at a company longer if we felt our development was cared for. We want to learn and stay relevant. (IBM)

Through digital, self-paced learning experiences, everyone is invited to and expected to take ownership for the transformation – no excuses. Our Assess-Build-Sustain approach ensures progress of your efforts can be followed, creating lasting change and visible impact from the first module.

Together, we ensure your investment doesn’t end among the 88% of employees that don’t fully apply new skills learned in training, or the 75% of learning forgotten after just six days.

Assess - Build - Sustain
Click to explore: 1. Assess, 2. Build, and 3. Sustain

What do you need to be relevant – now and in the future?

Every step starts with a self-assessment. You check-in with yourself, immediately enhancing self-awareness of your capacity and identifying the gaps that indicate your areas for the highest potential growth. This also allows you to follow your progress – celebrating as you hit new milestones and new levels of understanding.

What do you want your journey to look like?

You lead your own learning journey. Choosing between how much, how often, and in what format you prefer to learn. You may choose to jump and visit the same step several times or study each slowly and meticulously. Journal, practice, engage as much or as little as you wish – knowing that you get as much out of the process as you put into it.

How will you practice your new mindset every day?

Transformation works when you work it. Learning creates lasting impact if it’s practiced and experienced. We offer you practices that you can implement and integrate into your everyday work life, allowing you to see impact right from the start.

How do you want us to connect?

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