Case study: Transformational Capacity Program

Sometimes the only move that is needed is one of mindset Challenge When we first met this participant, she told us that she had been working in her organization for 15 years and was feeling like she was running out of steam. “Sure, I get to use my brain here a lot,” she acknowledged, “but […]

Case study: Transform cultures and organizations

When human transformation enables business recovery​ Challenge An industrial giant found itself in trouble. The company was severely underperforming and was plagued by the corporate and common diseases of bureaucracy and silo-mentality. The companies had grown through numerous mergers and acquisitions – and had not invested enough time and effort in aligning and bonding the […]

Case study: Transformational Coaching

To fix the system, I first must see that I am part of it Challenge As a senior leader started on his coaching journey, as part of the team’s overall transformational journey; he was frustrated. Together with a select few trusted team members that he felt could keep up with his pace of thing, he […]

Case study: Assessment

When waste becomes visible, things start to change Challenge Despite emerging from the 2008 financial crisis relatively strong compared to many peers, a large Nordic organization struggled to reinvent themselves and really take advantage of the head start they had. It was puzzling – the company was financially strong, had searched for all opportunities to […]

Case study: Leadership Principles

Leading the way, eliminating corporate diseases Challenge When a Nordic financial institution embarked on a transformation journey to stay relevant and remain a leader in a rapidly disrupted industry, they started with an assessment of their current culture. It became a real wake-up call for the leadership team. The leadership assessment indicated that over a […]

Case study: Ignite your organizational purpose

With a burning desire to reinvent banking – a new purpose was created Challenge Despite emerging from the 2008 global financial crisis relatively strong, it was clear to the new leadership team that the large Nordic financial institution yearned for a renewed identity: One that went beyond playing it safe, and aligned with a desire […]

The (Breathing) Business of Transformation

Have you heard about The Heart Revolution?   It’s a book that I wrote to put all my learnings from 20+ years of transformation experience into writing – so I could share and co-create with a community of transformers. Personally, I didn’t want to just write a book. I wanted to bring to life my […]

What ants can teach us about resilience

“Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive.” — Jamais Cascio, author and futurist What comes to mind when you think about “ants”? Maybe you think of bites or those many legs scurrying around. But there’s so much more a colony of […]

COVID-19: Showing another way to engagement

Employee engagement has remained at a steady low for decades – plaguing organizations with the challenge of how to boost it. We hadn’t been successful at leading and creating organizations and cultures where people felt fully dialed up for the work at hand.Then suddenly, a global pandemic hits us and we see reports from the […]

Transform to Perform: 4 beliefs COVID-19 is challenging

“I keep pushing myself and our team to think about how we use this inflection point to reimagine our potential together, as opposed to allowing our organization to just go back to the comfort of ‘let’s do what we’re doing,” – Michael Fisher, CEO, Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center Hospital Productivity is at a standstill. That’s […]